Nautilus Wallet – Digital Assets for the Digitally Excluded

The Nautilus Wallet is an exposure-less non-custodial wallet for universal access to digital assets. More than half the world’s population does not own a smartphone. But most people know someone who does.

If you have a smartphone you can download our Android and iOS App and start connecting those around you who don’t. It’s simple. Check out the Demo on

We are working mostly with companies who are building their own digital asset wallet using our SDK. If you are interested in learning more about our partners use our technology in their CBDC and stable coin projects, contact us.

Transact via connectors

Users with smartphones can become connectors and facilitate transactions for users who do not have a smartphone 

Create a wallet through a connector

Connectors can get QR codes in bulk. New user register their wallet with a QR code that is automatically linked to their account and conclude KYC process. 

Connector Incentives

Connectors are automatically awarded 0.1% of each transaction they facilitate as a reward for helping others.

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