Nautilus Trusted Compute

Tokenizing Property Rights For The Digital Economy


Trusted Compute is a privacy-as- a-service platform for researchers, data analysts, and businesses. We allow users to store their sensitive data and license access to it to third parties via digital rights tokens. Neither third parties, nor Nautilus have access to the unencrypted data, which is always protected within a Trusted Execution Environment.

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Step 1: Set up a data vault and decide what others can do with your data
Once we are live, you can sign up to our Vault App, which allows you to safely upload your sensitive data. This is free if you sign up for our early preview. Using the Vault App, you can decide which data rights you want to grant third parties (for example, to run a regression or train a machine learning model using your data) and what you want to charge for it. This is done by creating a Digital Rights Token (DRT).

Step 2: Turn data vaults into data pools
A particularly important DRT you can issue is the one that allows other data creators to add encrypted data to your vault, thereby turning it into a data pool. The appended data must conform to the schema of your initially uploaded data. Both your original data and the additional data are encrypted.

You don’t see other users’ data, they don’t see your data, and neither third parties nor we at Nautilus see any of your raw, unencrypted data.

Step 3: Issue Digital Rights Tokens
You can select from a code register which code exactly you want to allow others to execute on your encrypted data. Registered code is referenced in the Digital Rights Token and our system ensures that this code, and only this code, is executed on your data.

Step 4: A data analyst buys a DRT and redeems it on the platform
Data analysts can acquire DRTs on the Nautilus marketplace and redeem them via our Trusted Execution Environment. The TEE will pull the code referenced in the DRT from the code register and executes it on the data pool.

The result of the code execution is reported to the data analyst and the data creators can claim the proceeds from selling the Digital Rights Token.

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